Willow Academy is designed with children in mind. We believe in a holistic education where not only are our programs focused on academics, but also bringing out the best in each child in creating a nurturing, empowering environment through consistent teacher training. Preschoolers need time to absorb the information they’re given; they’re not designed to sit still and listen. Children move from one space to another every 20 mins. We have standing work tables besides sitting work tables. Our programs is designed to have children explore and question–and to play, interacting and experiencing the subject at hand. 

Children will be encouraged to explore pencil grip, tracing and writing starting 4 years old. Worksheets only becomes a main feature starting 5 years old to prepare children to move-on to primary schools. 

There is a choice of a morning session where the medium of instruction is English, and/ OR afternoon session - the Panda Camp, where the medium of instruction is Mandarin. Children will learn all subjects in a fully immersive Mandarin experience. The afternoon session can be a stand-alone or add-on to the morning session, providing children a perfectly defined way of switching between languages. 
Panda Camp

Toddler Class 


The first three years of a child's life will lay the foundation of any future learning and growth. Our program ensures that our young, curious explorers are practising to feed, clean and keeping their own hygiene while they learn languages, basic life-skills, and have loads of fun singing and playing both in-doors and out-doors. Placement of classes is determined by the year of birth. 

Pre-school K1 and K2

At this transitional age, programs get a little more intensive to prepare children for admission into primary schools. Children will start having more writing and projects that helps in retention of knowledge as children this age has longer attention span. There are enrichment classes for Piano, Phonics, Cubetto, Mandarin and Math if you are interested in making sure your child is absolutely prepared for a smooth transition to primary school. 

Making Learning Fun


Our learning environments whether indoor or outdoor are well-resourced, offering a range of multi-sensory learning opportunities.

Learning Areas

* Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (kids yoga and mindfulness)

* Communication and Language (English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia)

* Physical Development

* Mathematics

* Understanding the World

* Performing Arts and Expressive Arts

* Interactive Science

* Coding Basics - Cubetto

Enrichment Activities


Ninja Kids

Learn to bear walk, do jumps over obstacles, silent ninja walks, practice hand-eye co-ordination through catching objects, dodging objects... it is an action pack class with non-stop fun! 

Mandarin Enrichment

This program aims to enable children 3-6 yo to learn Mandarin. In three months, children will be able to converse in simple sentences!

Willow Arts

This is a place where children can freely express themselves. Creativity is preserved and nurtured through these lessons.


Playing piano enhances concentration and improve memory. Individual lessons are available for 4 yo and above.