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Our Values

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. "
                                                                       William Arthur Ward

​Giving Children A Say


At Willow Academy, we strive to empower children to have some influence over decisions in play and in choice of study. When the class negotiates together, they begin to exercise their social and emotional skills in independent yet cooperative ways.

With the values that makes Willow Academy unique, we hold small class sizes to ensure the class is not over-crowded, we maintain a low student to teacher ratio, and out-doors activities is a daily must unless the weather does not allow. 


Health Comes First

At Willow Academy, we take readings of air quality (AQI) daily to ensure that children can play outdoors safely without inhaling tiny particles that are harmful to health. If the readings are high, outdoor activities will have to be brought in-doors. We have PM2.5 certified air purifiers that are hospital grade to ensure our in-door air quality allows children to learn in a safe environment. 


What if skills. The world not just what it is but how it could be. Young children are natural at this. There is not only one right way to do or see things. At Willow Academy, lesson plans are designed to nurture creativity. Teachers ask questions to prompt thoughts and scaffold the child’s idea to help them develop the idea further.



“Kids are meant to be seen, not heard”does not apply here at Willow Academy. We believe children have opinions and only by having a conversation with them would we be able to support critical thinking,cultivate curiosity and the spirit of exploration, that all leads to thinking out of the box and practising articulation of their ideas confidently.


Self-confidence comes from a sense of competence. A confident child needs a positive and realistic perception of his or her abilities. This arises out of achievements, great and small. At Willow Academy, age appropriate goals are set to help children succeed.


When a child has ‘Me Skill’ plus ‘We Skill’, a child has emotional intelligence. Social and emotional development is an intentional and significant part of our program. Children develop social and emotional skills when they experience being part of a group, regulating their emotions, and negotiating complex social conflicts.

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