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A Game for the Covid-Home-Bound

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Thre are some of us who could be back in a lock-down or self-imposed distancing to be safe. This post is to provide some ideas of activities we are running in-line with the unit of study All About Me.

Unit of study is designed to expand gradually from the focus on the self (ego) to include our family, community, animals and things around us... one might not realize the rationals and thoughts behind how the sequence of subjects and timeline are arranged but there is a science to it. From learning and working with a subject that is central to the children's being, something that is familiar, we expand to things that we can see, hear and touch. Activities that are designed needs to be appropriate.

As such, we kick off the term with My Five Senses. How do we use our five sense to help us in our daily tasks? Using one week per senses, cover sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Sight - critical questions to ask your child,

1. Which body part do we need to see? What if we were blind-folded? What if there is no light? Can we still see?

If we cannot see, can we still hear, taste, touch and smell?

Sensory Tour


  1. A cup of warm tea.

  2. A bowl of ice.

  3. Some marshmallows.

  4. Some tree bark.

  5. Some pebbles.

  6. A soft toy.

Time to break out the scarves or bandanna to blind-fold half of your family members. Each person gets a partner that can see. The partner that can see is going to lead the blindfolded person on a sensory tour!

First, put the items under the blindfolded person's nose and see if they can guess what it is by the smell. Then try the items by the sense of touch.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Do not throw the scarf or bandanna into the laundry just yet! Here is another fun activity that you can use for this topic.

There are many pictures that you can find on google or if you are up for the challenge, you can make it a bonding art time working on drawing a donkey and making a tail our of cardboard or fabric. For me, I just jump straight into the fun part. :p

Have a wonderful time with My Five Senses - Sight.

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